Lakeside Canvas, on Buckeye Lake in Central Ohio, USA.

Fabricating Custom Canvas for your Boat since 1990.

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Appointments, 3:00 PM till midnight Mon-Fri

Boats must be towed to the shop for 'all' custom canvas fabrication.


Lakeside Canvas has improved the dock space.
100 feet of new tie-up dock is in place, making it easier for boat owners from the lake.

all we need now is some water in the lake....

Lakeside Canvas uses only first line quality fabrics, vinyls, gelcoat and resins.
We never use seconds, closeouts or remnants for your Boat Canvas or Upholstery.


Open by appointment Mon-Fri.
When you have an appointment, I will be at the shop when you arrive.
Your trip will not be a waste of time and gas.

Keeping your boat covered
is the easiest and most cost effective way to protect your investment.

With a good cover, your boat will be clean, dry, and free of harmful ultra-violet light.


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