Marine buoys, Markers and Floating Things

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Remember - Red Right Return

In the channel Red Nun buoys are always on the right, Can (green) buoys are always on the left when heading into a lesser body of water (returning from the ocean, figure 8) or into an anchorage.

Controlled Area A circle is the most common symbol used on Ohio waterways and usually regulates operation in the area. The buoy or sign will indicate the nature of the controlled area such as No Wake, Idle Speed, Speed Limit, Ski Zone, Open Zone, Speed Zone, etc.

information A square is used on buoys or signs giving directions to facilities or other information about the area.

Boats Keep Out A diamond shape with a cross means boats must keep out. A buoy or sign may show only the symbol or may also indicate Swim Area, Beach, Keep Out, No Boats, Closed Area, Dam, etc.

Danger A diamond shape is used to mark a hazard to boaters. The buoy or sign may also indicate the nature of the hazard such as Rock, Stump, Shallow Area, Reef, Shoal, Dam, etc.

Mooring Buoy A white buoy with a blue horizontal band indicates a mooring buoy. This is the only type of buoy to which a vessel may be legally tied. However most mooring buoys are private or are rentals and permission is needed to use them.

Diver Down: Stay Clear 300 feet A red flag with a white diagonal stripe indicates that divers are in the area. A blue and white "alpha" flag is displayed by a vessel tendering a dive operation. Ohio law prohibits operating a vessel within 300 feet of a diver's flag unless tendering the dive operation.

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