Life Jackets

Life jackets or PFD s ~personal floatation devices


life jacket bag

Have a fun and safe day at the lake.

Keep life jackets handy and Use them.

2 kids with life jackets on

* Ohio law Requires U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jackets to be worn by children less than 10 years of age on all boats less than 18 feet in length.
* Life jackets are also required while riding a personal watercraft, watersking, tubing, wakeboarding, and barefooting.
* All Boats (including canoes and kayaks of any length) must be equipped with a wearable PFD for each person on board.
* All boats over 16 feet must have one type lV throwable PFD.

type 1 life jacket

Type l life jacket for extended survival. This type will really keep your head up nicely, but they are bulky and can be uncomfortable. Required on commercial watercraft.

type 2 life jacket

Type ll life jacket is the most common and inexpensive. Ideal for inland lakes. You should have one of these for every person in the boat.

Childs type lll
childs type 3
type 3 life jacket

Type lll life jacket is the most comfortable. They come in many different colors and styles to suit your activities. Ideal for inland lakes. Great for water skiing and tubing.

type lV
type 4 life jacket
type 4 life jacket

Type lV throwable for someone who has fallen overboard. Every boat needs one and it should always be available for emergencies.

type 5 life jacket

Type V inflatable These have a rip cord to inflate the jacket, and they perform equal to a type 2 when fully inflated. There are some out now that have an automatic inflator valve triggered when it gets wet. The jacket is comfortable to wear without the bulk of a standard jacket, but are expensive. The air cartridge has to be replaced or refilled every time after the jacket has been inflated.

* Check life jackets for missing straps or webbing, broken buckles, rotten material, or parts showing excessive wear.
* Replace the life jackets that have these problems.

A Life Jacket could be your best friend someday, be ready.

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