Required Equipment

Required safety equipment in Ohio for Inland Lakes

Requirements on IO and Inboard powered boats also include mufflers, flame arrestors, and ventilation for fuel, bilge, and engine areas.
Be sure to check your boat for the items listed below.


  • Personal Flotation Devices.....PFD type I, II, III or V that fit properly.....
    Children under 10 years must be wearing a PFD on boats less than 18 feet.
    Each person in the boat must have a PFD available to use.
    Each person on a personal watercraft must be wearing a PFD.
    Each person on water skis, surfboards, inflatable devices, or being towed by watercraft must be wearing a PFD.

  • Throwable Flotation Device....PFD type lV.
    All boats over 16 feet are required to have one.

  • Fire Extinquisher
    Powerboats under 26 feet (one B-1 fire extinguisher).
    Powerboats 26 feet long but less than 40 feet (two B-1 fire extinguishers or a B-2 fire extinguisher).

  • Distress Flag or Signals on Powerboats.
    For daytime use. A orange color distress flag at least two square feet or a U.S. Coast Guard approved distress signal.
    For Nightime use. 3 hand held red flares, 3 parachute red flares, 3 red aerial pyrotechnic flares, or an electric distress signal.

  • Sound Signal
    Boats over 16 feet and less than 39 feet must carry a sound producing device, such as an electric horn, air-can powered horn, or a whistle.

  • Navigation Lights
    All watercraft are required to display running lights or an anchor light between sunset and sunrise.
    For power boats, running lights include a green light displayed on the starboard side, a red light displayed on the port side and a white anchor light displaying 360 degrees.

Lights for boats up to 26 feet.               Lights for boats over 26 feet.

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