DIY Winterizing

' Do it Yourself ' outboard boat engine winterizing   with pictures to help.

Winterizing is easy to do, and I think most people that have a few tools and some time can do it.   Plus, you will save time and money doing it yourself. Don't be afraid of it. It's not scary, It's just winterizing. Follow along step by step.

Things you will need to winterize outboard motors

Winterizing an outboard motor with the Boat in the Water

Winterizing an outboard motor with the Boat on the Trailer

4 stroke outboard motor, oil and filter change


Why bother with winterizing?   4 questions....

Do you want to rebuild or clean all the carburetors in the spring?    Maybe you want to buy a new $1200  fuel pump for your fuel injected 4 stroke engine?
Running Stabilizer through the fuel lines, squeeze bulb, fuel pump, injectors, and~or carburetors keeps the compounds in the gas from separating; which causes deposits that will plug everything.

Do you want rust to form inside your engine that will shorten it's life by many years?
Spraying or Injecting fogging oil into the engine coats all the 'steel parts' with a layer of WAX. This stops rust from forming inside the engine during the winter. The WAX is dissolved away by the gasoline while the engine is running in the spring time.

Do you want a new lower unit in the spring time, because yours had water in it that froze and cracked the housing?
Draining and refilling the lower unit with new lube will get any water out, if it is there. Fresh lube will help make the gears and bearings last longer, you will be ready to go for spring time.

Do you want to buy a new engine block for your inboard or inboard-outboard?
The water jackets in the block, cooling pumps, and exhaust manifolds must be drained. Then,, if you want extra protection,, fill with the drained areas with RV antifreeze. This will keep them from freezing and cracking.
!! Please !!  don't let this happen to you,, engine blocks and exhaust manifolds are expensive, and will last the lifetime of the boat if they are not physically damaged.
I do not have pages for these because i have no photos for them, I never took any pictures when I was doing winterizing for the public and i don't have any IOs here to use for photos.

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