4 stroke outboard motor oil and filter change

' Do it Yourself '   boat engine winterizing   with pictures to help you.

4 Stroke Outboard Oil and Filter Change

Just a regular plain old oil and filter change, but on a little different engine.
I will run you through two four stroke engines, a yamaha 25 hp, (and a merc 75 hp.to be added)

Changing the oil and filter is recommended by all manufacturers every year. The best time to do it is after you get done with your winterizing, while the engine is warm.

By the time the oil is changed and filter is disposed of, along with the old oil and all the packaging, 4 strokes are worse than having a 2 stroke. These motors are on the market, but I will never have one.

  1. Drain the oil.
  2. Remove old oil filter
  3. Install new oil filter
  4. Add new oil to engine
  5. 4 stroke oil capacity chart.pdf


1. Drain the oil. Place oil drain container under engine to catch the oil. Locate the drain plug on your engine, and the socket to get the plug out. Remove the drain plug, and let the oil drain completely. Put the drain plug back in, and wipe the mess off the engine.

place container under 4 stroke yamaha outboardremove drain plug 4 stroke yamaha outboarddrain oil out of 4 stroke yamaha outboarddrain oil out of 4 stroke yamaha outboard
container under engineremove drain plugdrain oil outwipe up the mess

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2. Remove the old oil filter. Take the engine hood off, and look for the oil filter. Put a rag or a paper towel under the filter to catch any drips. Use the oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter.

oil filter location 4 stroke yamaha outboardprep to remove oil filter 4 stroke yamaha outboardloosen oil filter 4 stroke yamaha outboard
locate oil filterput a rag under the filterloosen oil filter with wrench.
remove old filter.

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3. Install the new oil filter. Wipe off the gasket surface on the engine. Apply a small amount of engine oil to the oil filter gasket or O ring. Then spin it on by hand, and tighten 3/4 turn.

wipe off gasket surface 4 stroke yamaha outboardapply oil to new filter gasket 4 stroke yamaha outboardspin on oil filter 4 stroke yamaha outboard
wipe off the gasket surfaceapply engine oil to
the new oil filter gasket
spin the new filter on.
tighten 3/4 turn.

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4. Add the new oil to the engine. Locate the filler plug and remove it. Pour in the oil. Use the dip stick to check the level. Do not start engine to check oil level.

If you add too much oil, you must remove the extra by draining it out.

location of oil filler olug 4 stroke yamaha outboardpour new oil in 4 stroke yamaha outboardcheck oil level with dipstick 4 stroke yamaha outboard
locate the filler plugpour the new oil incheck oil level with dip stick.
do not start engine to check oil level

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You are done in half an hour, and saved some money too.


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