Things you will need to winterize outboard motors


' Do it Yourself '   boat engine winterizing   with pictures to help you.


Things you will need to winterize your Outboard Motor

If you go to your engine dealer for supplies, please have the Year, Horse Power, and Engine Serial Number with you.

  • a large regular straight blade screw driver, for the lower unit drain and vent screws.
        ( some use allen screws, have a look at your lower unit to see what you have.)

  • a screw driver or socket that fits the air box cover screws.
        Take the engine hood off and you will see it.
        ( cover on the front of the engine, usually made of black plastic )
        If your engine has a fogging oil fitting, you do not need to remove the air box cover.
        4 Stroke outboards have an air horn, or a plastic air intake that you spray the fog oil into.

  • 12oz bottle of Gas Stabilizer for two 6 gallon tanks. More for large built-in tanks.
         ( chemical that prevents separation of the compounds in gasoline for 1 year. )

  • 1 can of Fogging Oil.   It's a pressurized spray can of oil.
        ( wax-based oil that prevents rust on metal parts inside the engine. )
    Some cans have a hose with a valve that hooks direct to the fuel system. Use the Engine Serial number, with your engine dealer to see if you have a fogging oil fitting on your model.
    Saves from removing the air box cover for fogging,
    but you don't have to use it.
    We just want fogging oil in the engine. Follow along and your motor will be fogged either way.

  • a Tube of Lower Unit Lube. Small engines take 1 tube, over 40hp may
         use 2 tubes, large v-4 and v-6 use up to a quart.
         ( I like useing a kit that comes with 1 quart of  lube and a pump, save the extra for next year. )
         If you have a Johnson, Use Johnson Lube; Mercury, Use Mercury Lube; Yamaha, use Yamaha Lube.

  • 4 Stroke Outboard Engine? You will need an oil filter, crankcase engine oil, oil filter wrench,
         and a socket for your oil drian plug.
         Use the Engine Serial Number and HP (from the title or the engine) to get the oil and filter.
    If you have a Johnson, Use Johnson oil; Mercury, Use Mercury oil; Yamaha, use Yamaha oil.

  • Ear Muffs, if you are doing this in the driveway (not in the lake). one size fits all
        ( Ear Muffs are used to supply water to the engine while running it with the boat on the trailer.)

  • a container you can use to drain the lower unit oil into.
         ( Cut the side out of an anti-freeze jug, which works well. )

  • a few rags you can throw away, or some paper towels.


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