winterizing outboard motor boat on the trailer

' Do it Yourself '   outboard engine winterizing   with pictures to help you.


winterizing outboard motor with Boat on the Trailer.
You do not need to take the spark plugs out of the Engine !

  1. Pour stabilizer into the gas tank
  2. Remove air box cover
  3. Put ear muffs on the lower unit
  4. Spray fogging oil into engine
  5. Drain lower unit lube
  6. Fill lower unit with new lube
  7. Check, fill, and charge battery


1.Pour the Stabilizer into the gas tank. Mix the stabilizer by shaking the gas tank.

pour fuel stabilizer into the gas tank

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2. Remove air box cover. Remove Engine Hood. Then remove the air box cover on the front of the engine, exposing the carburetors.

air box coverair box cover screwsexposed carburetors
3 cly. air box covertake the screws out3 carburetors exposed

If your engine has a direct hook up for the fogging oil, you do not need to pull the air box cover off. Hook up the can to the fitting on the engine to inject the oil.
Don't have a fitting, or can't find it? Just take the air box cover off and follow along.

Special note 4 Stroke engines do not have a Air-Box-Cover. They have an Air-Horn or plastic air intake that you spray the fog oil into.

4 stroke yamaha outboardlocation of carburetor on 4 stroke yamaha outboardair intake location on yamaha 4 stroke outboard
yamaha 25hp 4 stroke enginefind the carburetor on the sidelook for the air intake horn

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3.Put Ear Muffs on the lower unit. Turn the water on!
Do not start engine until the water is turned on (saves the water pump from running dry).
Start engine and let it run in neutral for 10 to 20 minutes. This will get the stabilizer all through the carbs, fuel hoses and the primer bulb.

outboard engine flywheel
ear muffs hooked up on outboard motor
ear muffs
running outboard motor with ear muffs hooked up
keep clear of the flywheel,
and the propeller
ear muffs on with water hoserun engine for 10 minutes.
water is spraying.

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Before you shut off the engine

4. Spray fogging oil into the engine. Spray fogging into all the carburetors until the engine smokes. (the more smoke, the better) Just spray a little in each carb, and keep spraying in each carb with longer blasts, until the smoke is rolling. A big blast in each carb should stall the engine for you, or shut it off with the key as soon as you stop the spraying. Remember to turn off the key after you stall it on fog oil.

Use almost 1/4 can for small engines, 1/2 can for v-4, and 3/4 can for v-6 engines.
Fogging Oil is a wax-base oil that prevents rust from forming on metal parts inside the engine. Don't worry about getting it all over the place, no problem, it will only prevent rust.

flywheelspray fogging oil into the carburetors on outboard motorspray fogging oil into the carburetors on outboard motor
keep clear of the flywheel,
and the propeller
spray the fogging oil
into all the carbs
Get it really smoking.
then soak it to stall engine

Turn off water and disconnect muffs from hose. Done with all that stuff. Put the air box cover back on and put the engine hood back on.

Now the Top part of the Engine is ready for spring time.

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5.Draining the lower unit lube. Do this by removing the bottom drain screw. Put your container under the lower unit to catch the oil. Then remove the top vent screw to allow the oil to drain. (you will get a quart or less)

The drain screw is is in the bottom of the lower unit towards the front. The vent screw is just above the first fin on the side of the lower unit.
Sometimes the Vent and Drain screws are very tight. Use a LARGE screw driver and lean into it while applying twist, to get them out. Wipe the screws clean with the rag, some have little magnets on them. The screws will have a little gasket or 'o' ring seal, just reuse them.

drain screwvent screwwipe off screws
place container under engine.
remove drain screw.
remove vent screw.
let oil drain out.
wipe off the screws.

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Please do not leave the lower unit empty during the winter.
Rust can form inside on the bearings and gears.

6. Fill lower unit with new lube. Attach the hose from the pump to the "drain" hole and pump the oil in until the oil comes out the top vent. Put the top vent screw back in. Then take the hose off the bottom and put the drain plug in as soon as possible. A little oil will escape while you fumble with the drain plug. it's ok, no problem

If you are using Tubes instead of a pump. Just snip the top of the tube open. Force the tip into the drain hole, and squeeze it in. Yes it is a little messy. Just force the lube in, till it comes out the top vent. Put the top vent screw back in. Then put the bottom drain plug back in as soon as possible. A little oil will escape while you fumble with the drain plug. no problem

Put the Vent and Drain screws in tight, but don't get animal with them, you have to get them back out next year !

pumplower unit fullput vent screw in
hook up the pump.
pump the Lube in.
oil running out the vent.
it's full.
put vent screw in first,disconnect
pump and put drain screw in.

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7. Check, fill, and charge battery. You should check the cells and fill them with water if they are low. (full is to the ring inside the cell or 3/4" from the top) Wash your hands when done to remove any traces of battery acid.

removing battery capsfill cells with watercharging the battery
wipe off battery.
pry the caps off
with a screw driver
3 cells on left are full.
add water to cells on right.
put the caps back on.
hook up battery charger.
red on Pos. terminal
black on Neg. terminal

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If you have a 4 stroke outboard, you should change your oil and filter.

You are basically done, all this in little more than an hour, for very little money.

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