Lakeside Canvas orders fabric for each boat, so you can get exactly what you want.

Canvas is a heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and items requiring durability.

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What is the longest lasting Boat Cover Fabric?
Any brand of 'woven acrylic' is the winner. The fabric will easily outlast them all with a small amount of maintenance.

All fabrics are strong and nice looking when they are new.
Fabrics that cost more have longer warranties and are higher quality.
Marine fabrics not *abused when towing or *abused in winter storage will last well past the warranty.
             *Covers must be tight during towing. *Winter storage covers must be tight, free of heavy snow and NOT covered with a tarp.
Life of fabric has to do with the amount of ultra-violet light it will take before it degrades.
Some other factors include wind-whip, abrasion, salt-air, pollution, ice and heavy snow.
All Marine fabrics can be periodically washed and treated to make them last longer.
All Marine fabrics that are not rotten or worn out can be waterproofed easily. see cover care

The weight of the fabric is quoted in ounces for one Square Yard of Material.
11.0oz fabric would weigh (440 ounces) approx. 28 lbs. for a cover using 40 square yards.
9.25oz fabric would weigh (370 ounces) approx. 24 lbs. for a cover using 40 square yards.
6.25oz fabric would weigh (250 ounces) approx. 16 lbs. for a cover using 40 square yards.
Heavier fabrics are not necessarily better. That depends on fabric quality and intended use.

Coated Canvas has a base material of cotton, cotton/poly, polyester or acrylic. A top side coating is added or it is dipped in coating(double coated). A few have a bottom side coating like Sunbrella Plus. Coated fabrics are waterproof, stiffer, harder to fold and require care not to damage the coating. They work great for towing and winter storage because they generally will not stretch.
When the coating wears off or wears out, the cover has to be replaced.

Heavy Coated Topping has a base material of cotton, cotton/poly, polyester or acrylic with a heavy vinyl top side coating. Coated Topping is waterproof and easy to clean. Topping is used for bimini tops, convertible tops and enclosures.
When the coating dry's out and cracks, the topping will need to be replaced.

Open Weave Canvas is the nicest looking and is water resistant or water repellant. These fabrics are softer, easier to fold, easy to repair and breath well. Open Weave fabric is used for all types of covers, tops and enclosures.
I would rather have a bimini top made with open weave fabric on a hot day.

• Either way, the water will run off the fabric as long as the cover is not flat or without pitch.

• definition. Solution Dyed The fibers or yard is dyed with a solution before it is milled or manufactured into fabric.
• definition. Vat Dyed The color is applied to the fabric after it's milled by running it through a vat of dye.
• definition. Coated canvas The color and coating are applied to the fabric after it's milled. Fabrics can be hot dipped, sprayed, impregnated or laminated with a coating.

Fabrics we offer at Lakeside Canvas - Subject to change without notice -

Open Weave Canvas for boats


3 year warranty

  • 6.5 oz. WeatherMax
    solution dyed saturmax

5 year warranty

  • 13oz. SunForger
    mineral dyed cotton duck
  • 10oz. SunForger
    mineral dyed cotton duck
  • 8 oz. WeatherMax
    solution dyed saturmax
  • 11.5 oz Top Notch
    solution dyed polyester
  • 9 oz Top Notch Elite
    solution dyed polyester

6 year warranty

  • 9.25oz. Outdura
    solution dyed acrylic

10 year warranty

  • 9.25 oz. Sunbrella
    solution dyed acrylic
  • 10 oz. Sunbrella Plus
    solution dyed acrylic, polyurethane undercoating
  • 13 oz. Sunbrella Supreme
    solution dyed acrylic, flock undercoating

Coated Canvas for boats


3 year warranty

  • 6.5oz. Odessey lll
    acrylic coated polyester [back coated]
  • 7.5 oz. Vista
    solution dyed polyester [back coated]
  • 11.5 oz Softouch
    Odessey lll with a laminated soft backing
  • 7 oz. Surlast
    solution died poylester, urethane undercoating

4 year warranty

  • 9 oz. Mustang
    acrylic coated polyester

5 year warranty

  • 11oz. Top Gun
    acrylic coated polyester
  • 8.84 oz Nautimar
    hight tenacity polyester, woven, pvc coated and embossed one side
  • 12.68 oz Nautiplus
    hight tenacity polyester, woven, double pvc coated and embossed one side
  • 9.0 oz Heritage
    acrylic top coated woven polyester
  • 11oz. HarborTime Edge
    coated polyester
  • 13oz. HarborTime Edge HD
    coated polyester
  • 9oz.Aqualon
    vinyl coated topside polyester


Heavy Coated Tarp Fabric

  • 18.5 oz Tuff Stuff
    PVC coated Polyester
  • 18 oz. Herculite 90



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