Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions
What is the longest lasting Boat Cover Fabric?

Most any brand of ' solution dyed woven acrylic is the winner. The fabric will easily outlast them all with a small amount of maintenance or ( cleaning ).
( Acrylic is basically plastic fibers ) The fabric will not rot, becuase it's plastic or acrylic, ( it has no cotton, nylon or polyester in it )
The fabric has a nice soft hand after 30 days, it's easy to handle, easy to repair and easy to wash.

All this good news dosen't imply that it's the right choice for your needs or use,, the bass boat and towing folks like Top Gun ( coated polyester ).


Do I have to bring my boat to the shop for a new custom cover, top or enclosure?

Yes, with a few possible exceptions on New Bimini Tops without front, side, or aft curtains.


Where can I buy quality marine fabrics, carpet and related supplies?

Miami Corp in Cincinnati Ohio - formerly Miami Rubber, has a helpful staff and lots of great office, industrial, automotive and marine supplies to do your canvas, upholstery and carpet.  You can redecorate the office, cuddy cabin or patio using fabrics from Miami. Make a new tarp for your dump truck with ┬«Tuff Stuff from Miami.

Order by phone or on the web site, they will ship your order via UPS to your house or business.

Custom Canvas, the definition.
What is custom?

Custom is something made to individual order.."one of a kind".or."custom made"

Insurance Estimates
Do you do estimates for insurance claims on boats?

yes, estimates are $325.00 pre paid: Includes Travel(one trip), Pictures, Prices, Documentation, and Consultation.

Hours and Location
How long has Lakeside Canvas been in business?

since 1990

Can I come in after work?

YES. . open by appointment

What Hours is Lakeside Canvas open?

Monday ~ Friday by appointment.

Method of payment for canvas services
Do I leave a deposit to get canvas work done?

no, just bring a check when you pick up the boat.

Do you take Credit Cards for canvas work?

no, we accept personal checks or cash.If you want to use a credit card, go to the bank and get a cash advance on the card and use that for the cover.

Boat Covers, Tops, Enclosures
Can you RE-FIT semi-custom, universal covers from boat maunfacturers and bass shops or discount stores to fit my boat?

YES. Please see repairs in the price list.This is not recomended, as a new custom cover will fit better and last longer.

Can you repair my old boat cover?

YES, any torn up cover can be fixed. Repairs take 3 business days.

Do I need an appointment for canvas repairs?

YES. Please call or email the shop. Repairs ready in 4 business days.

Do I have to bring my boat to the shop for a new custom cover, top or enclosure?


Do I need an appointment for a new custom cover?

YES. Email or call the shop for an appointment.

How much does a new Custom Cover cost?

Have a look in the Price List or contact the shop.

Can you use my Old Cover for a pattern?

no, Custom Covers are fit to each boat.

When the boat has to be picked up after work is done?

6 days. Storage charge $5 per day starting on day 7.

Warranty for a lost cover?

none available through the canvas shop.

Warranty with a new custom cover?

5 years(fabric), 3 years free repairs.

How long does it take to make a custom cover?

7~10 business days (Mon-Fri), if fabric is available.

How should I store the boat over the winter with my cover?

have a look in cover care .....

How do I clean and take care of a cover?

have a look in the cover care section.....

Pontoon Boats
What if I have a 3 pontoon boat?

for a full cover bring the boat to the shop on a trailer -or- I can make the cover while it's in my dock.

Do you have a launch ramp to get my pontoon out of Buckeye Lake?

yes, boats with 2 pontoons only

Cover Maintenance and Moble Work
Do you clean boat canvas, enclosures or covers?

I do not have space inside for cleaning canvas.

check out the cover care section for DIY instructions or use a commercial service like

Can you waterproof my boat cover?

no, It is easy, you can do it. Check in the cover care section.

Or-- send it to

Do you do any Mobile or on-site work?

Yes, $1.00 per mile round trip -plus- $20 Mobile Service Charge and $60 per hour total time.

Boat Carpet
Can you put new carpet in my other boats too?


Can you put new deck and carpet on my pontoon boat?

yes, you pick the new color.

Boat Repairs and Maintenance
Do you repair fiber glass and gel coat?


Do you do mechanical repairs on boats?


Can you winterize my boat?

Depends on what you have and when you need it done.

Boat Trailers
Do you repair boat trailers?

yes, all types of welding, electrical, bearings, pads, and brakes.

Large Boats and Lake Erie Boats
My boat is too big to tow from Lake Erie?

Find a shop at Lake Erie to do the canvas work .

What length of boat can you handle?

I have been holding the length at 28 foot or less due to the development of the neighborhood ( more new homes being built. )

Can you make new canvas for Lake Erie boats?

yes. The boat must be towed to Buckeye lake.

Do you fix canvas and enclosures from Lake Erie?

yes, depending on time of year and schedule.

Sail Boats
Do you make canvas for sailboats?

yes, sailboat items can be ordered from a pattern shop. If you need custom work, the boat must be brought to the shop. NO EXCEPTIONS You will have to step the mast after the boat is here for a dodger, bimini, enclosure, sail covers, jib-bag and some others to be done.

Do you Clean Boat Upholstery?

no, Look in the Upholstery Care Section.

Do I leave a deposit to get Upholstery work done?

yes, 2/3 payment when boat or seats are dropped off.

Do you do all types of Upholstery?

we do Boat Upholstery only