Frequently Asked Questions - Boat Covers, Tops, Enclosures

Can you RE-FIT semi-custom, universal covers from boat maunfacturers and bass shops or discount stores to fit my boat?

YES. Please see repairs in the price list.This is not recomended, as a new custom cover will fit better and last longer.

Can you repair my old boat cover?

YES, any torn up cover can be fixed. Repairs take 3 business days.

Do I need an appointment for canvas repairs?

YES. Please call or email the shop. Repairs ready in 4 business days.

Do I have to bring my boat to the shop for a new custom cover, top or enclosure?


Do I need an appointment for a new custom cover?

YES. Email or call the shop for an appointment.

How much does a new Custom Cover cost?

Have a look in the Price List or contact the shop.

Can you use my Old Cover for a pattern?

no, Custom Covers are fit to each boat.

When the boat has to be picked up after work is done?

6 days. Storage charge $5 per day starting on day 7.

Warranty for a lost cover?

none available through the canvas shop.

Warranty with a new custom cover?

5 years(fabric), 3 years free repairs.

How long does it take to make a custom cover?

7~10 business days (Mon-Fri), if fabric is available.

How should I store the boat over the winter with my cover?

have a look in cover care .....

How do I clean and take care of a cover?

have a look in the cover care section.....