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Custom boat covers, bimini tops, and enclosures.
    All covers are custom fit to your boat, with many added features that make them very durable.
We use only top grade fabric to provide you with a quality cover.
  A cover can be made to suit your needs, even if you trailer your boat 12 hours to Canada !
There is a ramp at the shop to get your pontoon out of Buckeye Lake for canvas work.
More details can be found in the boat cover section of the price list.


Canvas repairs done correctly will help keep your boat in good condition.
        We can repair most problems, from stitches coming apart, to the long tear in the cover.
Many bimini tops, convertible tops and enclosures can be repaired.
    A new frame for your top can be ordered, fabricated or I can repair the old one.
See repairs in the price list.


Pontoon Boat Transport Service State Wide. --Up to 24 Foot Pontoons--
    We use a half-ton extended cab 4x4 pickup truck and a 22 foot Hoosier tandem axle pontoon trailer.
Currently moving twin tube pontoons, any distance, with and without launch.
We can ground load or pull it from a lake.


Boat Storage. --Up to 28 Foot--
    Boat storage is at the canvas shop. Any boat up to 28 foot, pontoons with or without a trailer.
The fee is $120.00 per month, paid in advance for 6 months with tax = $775.00 for the winter. November~March.
Winter storage starts October 15th, ends April 15th.
Storage Includes: shrink wrapping, winterizing and getting boat ready for the water in spring.


Custom boat upholstery LTD; seat rebuilding LTD; carpet and flooring.
Upholstery, carpet and decking are easy to do, but takes many hours. Be prepared for some down time.
Upholstery requires 2/3 non-refundable deposit when dropped off at the shop for work to proceed.
Choices for vinyl colors, vinyl textures, carpet style, carpet color and design are made when the boat is dropped off.
Have a look

Boat trailer repairs and welding to keep your trailer in good working order.
        We can repair winches, winch stands, dolly wheels, brakes, bunks, lights, wiring, frame issues.
Trailer painting and gel-repairs on fiberglass fenders.


Structural repairs; transom and stringer replacement; gel coat repairs.
        We can repair most any problem, from transoms to the big hole in the bottom of the boat.
Replacement of below deck fuel tanks and other internal issues.
Gel coat repairs will help keep the boat looking good.


Need your canvas washed or waterproofed?
Sorry, there is not enough inside space here to wash and treat covers.
Complete instructions to do it are in the cover care section. or,
You may want to send it to

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